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2021/22 Academic Year - Online Examinations

This academic year, IOB will run online examinations using either the TestReach or Proctorio online invigilation platforms.

Enabling remote exams

Since the onset of COVID-19, in some circumstances IOB offered examinations in an open book format, based on the exceptional conditions we were operating under.

Following extremely positive feedback and interest from students in continuing remote examinations, we are pleased to expand and improve our online examination support with the use of online invigilation.

This will enable students to participate in remote examinations while maintaining the privacy, security and integrity of IOB’s examination process.

We are introducing the use of Proctorio for many examinations. Proctorio provides identity verification, automated AI-enabled live proctoring and content protection. Students will be able to access Proctorio via IOB Learn.

Preparing for your exams

For this academic year, all IOB students will either use Proctorio or TestReach for examinations. We will be in contact with students closer to the date of examinations with instructions on the process for your exam and how you can prepare in advance.

For now, please take note of which platform you will be using for your exams and the minimum device requirements. If you are using a laptop supplied by your employer, it is important to check with your IT department that your laptop will allow you to complete the exam without any issues.

Is my exam invigilated by Proctorio or TestReach?

All exams will be invigilated with Proctorio, except the QFA and PDC exams listed below which will be invigilated with TestReach:

QFA Financial Planning

QFA Investment

QFA Life Assurance

QFA Loans

QFA Pensions

QFA Regulations

Regulation - CPD Application Examination (for reinstatement purposes)

PDC 1 - Compliance and the Regulatory Structure

PDC 2 - Conduct of Business Rules

PDC 3 - Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Compliance

PDC 4 - Compliance Management

PDC 4 - CPD Application Exam (for reinstatement purposes)

What are the minimum device requirements for Proctorio?

  • A laptop or computer running Windows 7+, macOS 10.11+, Ubuntu 18.04+ or Chrome 58+

  • A working webcam - 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external for all systems

  • Microphone - any Microphone, either internal or external for all systems

  • Proctorio Browser Extension - you will be required to download and install this extension in advance of your exam

  • Intel Pentium or better (Mac users will require an Intel processor, Chrome OS users will require Intel Pentium or Arm)

  • 250mb free disk space

  • 2gb Free RAM

  • 0.092-0.244 Mbps upload speed

What are the minimum device requirements for TestReach?

  • A laptop or computer running Windows v7.0+ or MacOS 10.10+ operating system (MacOS BigSur users need to upgrade to 11.3+)

  • Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM

  • A working webcam

  • A working microphone and speakers

  • Minimum candidate internet speed of 2 Mbps

  • Recommended candidate internet speed of 2.4 Mbps

  • We also recommend a screen size of at least 13" and a resolution of 1024 x 768.

  • You cannot use a mobile phone, tablet, Chromebook or Surface Pro.

For further information and FAQs regarding Proctorio and TestReach, visit the student info section.