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CPD – get yourself ready for the end of the year

We know it is only just December and 31 December feels like a really long time away but we just wanted to bring a CPD checklist to your attention so that you are ready for the end of the year.
1. Complete your hours

We know this sounds obvious, but you need to have all your CPD hours done by the 31 December 2019. Even if you complete an eCPD module at 1am on 1 January 2020 this will count towards your 2020 hours.

Make sure your hours are spread across your categories and you do at least one hour in ethics. Your CPD dashboard on My Institute will help you with this.

2. Do you need an event accredited?

If you have attended an event or completed a course that was not run by us, you might be able to get CPD hours for it. If this course was run by your employer, check to see if they have the code you need so that you can claim CPD hours for it. If they do not have the code, you can submit events to be accredited. If you are sending an event in for us to accredit, please do it as early as you can so that we can get the code back to you. It can take up to 15 working days.

3. Have you paid your fees?

To be fully compliant you need to have paid your IoB fees for 2019. If your CPD or membership fee is outstanding, you can log in to My Institute and pay them.

4. Can we reduce your hours?

If you have been on sick leave for two or more months or if you have been on maternity leave, carers’ leave or parental leave, we can reduce your CPD hours accordingly. You can complete the CPD pro-rata form found in the CPD downloads section in My Institute.

5. Submit your annual return

Log into My Institute, click on your designation and complete your return.

We hope this helps but if you need to reach out to us, we are here to support you on your journey. Staff will be here on 30 and 31 December from 9am to 5pm to answer your queries.