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Meet the IOB App

Available now on the Apple App Store, and on Google Play

Meet the IOB app, a brand-new way to stay connected and up to date with IOB.

The app is the mobile version of IOB Learn, the new learning experience platform from IOB - an intuitive, personalised, lifelong learning tool that empowers you to explore your talent and potential. In a world where business models and the future of work is ever changing, IOB helps you to stay on track by defining a path to sustain and achieve your career ambitions.

Get the app today on the Apple App Store, or for Android users, on Google play.

How to use the app

Visit our full range of How-To videos, frequently asked questions and user guide.

What you can expect from the IOB Learn app

  • Access and engage with learning material: whether you are on a masterclass, short course, an accredited programme or simply want to brush up on the latest thought leadership in your profession, you can access all this via the IOB Learn app

  • Create and follow learning pathways: once you have indicated your learning preferences, the app will prompt you along your learning pathway, whether this is a short course, a masterclass, an accredited programme, micro content, or an event

  • Log CPD hours on-the-go: whenever you complete a CPD hour, you can now log it via the IOB Learn app

  • Browse events and shorter content: it is not just accredited programmes that the IOB Learn app provides, but also events and a suite of microlearnings are available, such as podcasts, videos, and articles.

We believe that the IOB Learn app will be a useful tool to help you on your lifelong learning journey. If you have any queries, please reach out to us via web chat or [email protected]