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Our membership is classified across two groups – affiliates and professional members. When you first join you are an affiliate. As you progress your lifelong learning with us you become a professional member. Within our professional membership we have four categories and routes to each category is outlined in the below chart.

NB: Membership Categories are updated once a month, so categories may change up to 4 weeks after a qualification or designation has been awarded.

Membership Category Membership Title Qualifying letters Route to Membership Category
Fellow Fellow of IOB FIB Admission through IOB Council (Bye-Law No 1, paragraph 4)
Licentiate Licentiate of IOB LIB Holders of the following designations or qualifications; Certified Bank Director, Certified Investment Fund Director, Chartered Banker, Professional Banker, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA), LCOI, FCOI, CDPO, CFCPP, Any Level 9 programme completed with IOB, Bachelor of Financial Services, Joint Financial Services Diploma (retired programme), University Diploma in Financial Services.
Practitioner Practitioner of IOB PIB Holders of the following qualifications or designations; Accredited Product Adviser (Loans), Accredited Product Adviser (Savings and Investments), Accredited Product Adviser (Pensions), Accredited Product Adviser (Life Assurance), Accredited Product Adviser (Consumer Credit), Accredited Product Adviser (Personal General Insurance), Accredited Product Adviser (Commercial General Insurance), Accredited Product Adviser (Private Medical Insurance), Accredited Product Adviser (Debt Management Services)
Associate Any UCD award (through IOB), Membership of CPD Member scheme as a Grandfathered individual

What is Professional Membership?

Professional Membership is hierarchical in nature and reflects the level of study a member has completed with IOB. It consists of four individual membership categories;

  • Fellows (FIB)*

  • Licentiates (LIB)*

  • Practitioners (PIB)*

  • Associates

*Member may use the qualifying letters and are entitled to vote at AGMs.


Admission to be a Fellow of IOB requires the approval of Council and reflects the individuals high level of academic or professional qualifications, significant experience and a record of achievement in a financial institution.  

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How do I use these qualifying letters with my name?

The general rule of using your qualifying letters in your professional title is Academic Qualifications + Professional Membership Category + Professional Designations, e.g. Mary Murphy MA LIB Professional Banker QFA FCOI. Read more about Professional Membership Category qualifying letters.

When is my membership fee due?

All membership fees are due in January. By not renewing your membership you will not be able to register for any events and webinars offered to members throughout the year, therefore we strongly encourage everyone to pay their membership fee at the beginning of each calendar year. 

Why do we encourage members to sign-up for direct debits as opposed to paying by credit/debit card?

Direct Debit is one of the safest and fastest ways of paying your fees. Payments are made automatically, invoices are never forgotten or delayed. If you would like to sign up to pay your membership or CPD fees by direct debit you can do so in the My Details section of My Institute.  Fees are collected in full once yearly and you will receive a notification, by email, two weeks before any debit is made from your bank account.

Are Receipts issued for direct debits?

While receipts are not issued, you will always receive notification of the date, and amount that would be debited from your bank account 17 days in advance of that transaction.

Can my employer be invoiced for my membership, programme or event fees?

IOB have arrangements in place with some employers whereby we can invoice them directly for specified fees on behalf of members.   

If we are unable to process your fees using this method (Company Invoice) it may be because we do not have an invoicing agreement with your employer, or they may not cover a specified fee on this agreement. 

Please check with either our Customer Services team or your HR or Training and Development Departments to see if your fees are covered by Company Invoice. 

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I would like to update my personal details (new address, new employer, change of name), can you do it for me?

We can of course, you simply phone our Customer Services team on 01 6116500 and they will amend your details. Alternatively, the simplest route to take would be to log on to My Institute and amend your personal details.

Please note that for change of name or date of birth require a copy of your passport, driving licence or marriage cert and this can be emailed to [email protected].

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