There is a wide range of information that will be useful to you as a student on one of our programmes.  This information relates to the key academic activities that students are involved in, from initial application and registration, to continuous assessment and exam as well as the main policies and regulations that govern our programmes.

Our professional education framework represents a flexible education pathway that provides learning and development opportunities wherever you are in your career. The steps outlined below details one path up through the framework, but you can access the framework at any step to take specialist qualifications, depending on your career and learning need.

Programmes and Designations Framework 21—22

How do I apply for a programme?

The majority of IoB level 8 and 9 programmes have an online application process which can be accessed from the programme specific pages. Once students have been approved for entry onto their programme they will then be prompted to register online for their chosen module(s).

Level 7 programmes (except PDC) do not require an application process as the entry requirements for working in financial services is equivalent to applying to a level 7 programme. You can proceed directly to the shopping cart from My Institute or through the relevant programme page to register online for their chosen module(s).

A hard copy registration form may be needed for a small number of our programmes. If this is the case, it will be noted on the specific programme webpage. For example, a hard copy registration form will need to be completed if you are applying for an IFS Skillnet funded programme.

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I have applied for a programme – what happens next?

Your application will be considered based on the information you have provided. Once we are satisfied that you meet the entry requirements, you will be registered onto the programme and receive an email that will instruct you to register and pay for individual modules within your programme of study.

What is the difference between the application and registration closing date?

The application date is the date by which you should submit your online application for consideration. You only apply for a programme once, at the start of your programme of study. The registration date is the date by which you need to register for the individual modules you wish to take in that trimester.

I am already registered to a programme – how do I register for the next module?

Please register for your next module within your shopping cart in IOB Learn.

I have failed a module and need to retake it - how can I retake/re-register?

For the majority of modules, you can re-register online through IOB Learn.

If the programme/module you are looking to re-register to is not appearing in this section, then please contact customer service on 01 6116500.

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When will I receive my textbook?

You will normally receive your textbook, (IoB published or the Principles and Practice of Banking textbook) within two weeks of the trimester start date or within 10 working days of your registration being processed.

We will send textbooks to your work address unless you have advised us that we should send them to your home address. IOB does not take responsibility for textbooks which have been misplaced or the non-receipt of textbooks which have been dispatched to home addresses. If you change your address after registering, you will need to locate the textbook at the address you provided at the time of registration.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the most up-to-date materials for your studies, including an up-to-date textbook. You can find a copy of the most up-to-date IoB published textbook on My Institute.

Re-registration students can purchase an up-to-date textbook if required, as this is not automatically re-issued.

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What do I need to do if I am not fluent in English or if English Language is not my first Language?

IOB programmes are delivered through English and students are expected to be proficient in English. This proficiency is typically evidenced by use in the daily working environment, through passing English as a subject in the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination/equivalent, by achieving the minimum standard in a recognised English language test or through other documented verifiable means. This minimum standard is an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in each band in the academic version) or equivalent. If English is not your first language, you will need to submit evidence of achieving this standard, or equivalent. We will monitor students where English is not their first language and request evidence of English language standard if and where appropriate.

What do I need to provide if I am applying for entry based on external study at another higher level institution?

You will need to supply a copy of your transcript as evidence of your external study. A transcript lists individual modules completed and the corresponding module results attained as part of your programme of study and is available from the relevant education institution. Note, a transcript is not the same as a parchment which is an overall qualification. You should forward an original transcript of results after registration which we will return to you. We require sight of the original transcript as soon as possible. All transcripts and academic records must be the original official documents and should be accompanied by an English translation where appropriate. more >

What do I need to provide if I am applying for entry onto a programme based on relevant professional experience?

You will need to provide an up to date C.V. and complete the non-standard admissions application form which is available by emailing [email protected] Your application will be reviewed by the IoB subcommittee to assess if you meet the relevant entry requirements and we will be in touch once your application has been reviewed. The subcommittee meets every two weeks before a closing date, so please allow plenty of time before the closing date for your application to be considered.more >

What do I need to do if can’t register to a chosen module/programme online?

If you are experiencing difficulty in registering online, please contact customer service on 01 6116500 or email [email protected]e. Possible reasons for this could include; - You are already registered to another programme - You have previously completed the module/programme - The module has a prerequisite module (i.e. a module that must be passed before you can register for the second module).more >

What IoB programmes are eligible for IFS Skillnet Funding?

IoB , in association with IFS Skillnet, offer funding for a number of its programmes. This means that the company you work for can apply for funding their employees in these programmes. Please note that these programmes cannot be applied for online and you will need to send in a hard copy registration form to register for an IFS Skillnet programme.

A list of all programmes eligible for funding can be found on our website here.

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How do I check if my employer is an IFS Skillnet member?

The list of employers is available on the Skillnet website

How do I apply for an IFS Skillnet programme?

If you are registering to an IFS Skillnet programme you will need to complete a hard copy registration form and submit all relevant supporting documentation for your programme (i.e. transcripts of results if required, C.V.) and other documentation required by IFS Skillnet: trainee profile sheet, payment sheet, and letter of support from employer if required. You will need to submit all of the required documentation together, in advance of the application closing date to ensure your application can be reviewed/progressed promptly and to ensure your application is in order, and that you are registered in time for your chosen trimester. Your employer needs to be a member of IFS Skillnet to avail of funding. The list of employers is available on the Skillnet website. If your company wishes to apply for this funding, they should contact IFS Skillnet directly.more >

How can I make payment if I am applying for a programme with IFS Skillnet funding?

The payment methods are set out on the registration form for your chosen IFS Skillnet funded programme.

Will I receive a UCD Student card?

Students completing level 8 and 9 programmes are eligible to apply for a UCD student card. Students will receive an email during their studies outlining how to apply for a student card. Student card queries can be sent to [email protected]more >

When is my exam?

It is necessary for us to change the timetable for exams leading to MCC as they will now take place with online invigilation. Please see the revised timetable for online MCC exams.

How do I re-register for a module?

On the homepage of IOB Learn, click on IOB Members. Click on the IOB Store card. The following screens will bring you to the IOB Store where you can re-register to a module.