About us

IOB is a professional network of 32,900 members who work in banking and the international financial services sector. IOB is a recognised college of University College Dublin (UCD) and is a centre of excellence in the provision of specialist education to the financial services sector. A total of 7,400 people studied with us in 2022 and we have the largest continuing professional development community in Ireland with 23,200 registered members, committed to lifelong learning. IOB has 28 corporate members, including many of Ireland's leading banking, funds and financial services organisations. IOB was founded in 1898 and is one of the oldest banking institutes in the world. The focus of the new Institute was on education. Its first goal was “to enable its members to acquire a knowledge of the theory and practice of banking, and to promote the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to the profession”. We are proud to continue this tradition as a not‐for‐profit organisation providing education for public benefit. Read more about IOB, our Council (IOB’s Board of Directors), our Committees and our Governance processes at https://iob.ie/info/governance.


In our chosen markets and sectors, to be the leading, progressive, authoritative expert in financial services education by combining academic rigour and practical application.


Educate, enable and empower a community of professionals to achieve their full potential in delivering financial services to the highest standards with better outcomes for their customers, clients and for society.


An ethical, sustainable and continuously learning financial services community that contributes to a thriving economy.

Our strategic plan

Empowering your future


Our Values


Conscious of our heritage as a Recognised College of UCD, academic excellence and professionalism ensures we deliver a world-class experience for our students and members. This is exemplified in the independence, rigour, practicality and quality of our education, lifelong learning programmes and membership services.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly strive to make things better for our students and members. We are innovative, lean and agile, continuously minimising wasteful processes, uncovering better ways by doing and learning, creating simplicity, building in quality, and adopting appropriate digital technologies.

Learner & Member Focused

We put the needs of our students and members at the centre of what we do, for the ultimate benefit of the public they serve.

Our People

We respect, challenge, and support each other. We are committed to developing our skills and talents to deliver on our professional responsibilities and ambitions.


We are honest, straightforward, reliable, responsible, accountable and professional in all aspects of our conduct and dealings.


We collaborate with our stakeholders and each other, developing the understanding, trust, insights and empathy that leads to the fresh thinking and exciting new approaches that support the emerging needs of our students and members.