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NFTs - is it all hype?

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This CPD webinar was recorded in April 2022 as part of our ongoing commitment to educating, enabling and empowering Funds Professionals.

If you are holder of the Accredited Funds Professional (AFP) Designation, please access this recording in IOB Learn in order to receive CPD hours.

Further to our recent webinar on crypto currencies, Brian Lucey, Professor of Finance at Trinity College Dublin, returns to continue the conversation on key trends in web 3.0. Professor Lucey joins Martina Kelly, Director of Funds with IOB, for a light hearted discussion on NFTs, recorded in April 2022.


Brian Lucey Trinity College

Brian Lucey


Professor Brian Lucey has worked as a statistician in the Department of Health and as an Economist in the Central Bank of Ireland, prior to joining Trinity College Dublin. He has been at Trinity Business School, Trinity College, since 1992 where he is now Professor of International Finance and Commodities as well as Director of Research and Director of PhD studies.

He has studied at the graduate level in Canada, Ireland and Scotland, and holds a PhD from the University of Stirling. He has published in excess of 170 papers in the areas of international, behavioural, and commodity finance. He was the founding editor of the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance and currently serves as the editor of the International Review of Economics and Finance and editor in chief of the International Review of Financial Analysis.

Previously Brian has been editor in chief of three other journals.

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