HCI Pillar 3 Micro-Credentials Learner Fee Subsidy

HCI Pillar 3 Micro-Credentials Learner Fee Subsidy

Limited Availability

Programmes eligible for 50% Funding

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Micro-Credentials Learner Fee Subsidy and IOB is delighted to confirm that a suite of our UCD accredited programmes has been approved for funding under the Human Capital Initiative Pillar 3.

HCI Pillar 3 funded programmes offer a unique low-cost opportunity to reskill, upskill and new-skill employees across a spectrum of critical and emerging industry roles with a UCD accredited programme.

Micro-credential courses are small, accredited courses designed to meet the demands of learners, enterprise and society. Micro-credential courses award between 1 and 30 ECTS and provide awards at Levels 6-9 on National Framework of Qualifications.

*For the Eligibility Criteria, please see information below.

Level 7 Professional Certificate in Compliance

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Level 7 Professional Certificate in Consumer Protection Risk, Culture and Ethical Behaviour in Financial Services

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Eligibilty Criteria
  • Please click here for detailed information on the eligibilty criteria.

  • Applicants must self-declare that they meet the eligibility criteria at the time of enrolment and complete Application form

  • Those applying for the Professional Certificate in Compliance must be a member of Compliance Institute and send on proof of membership.

The Human Capital Initiative has enabled Ireland to be one of the first European countries to establish a coherent national framework for quality assured and accredited micro-credentials. Projects are collaborating to develop, pilot and evaluate the building blocks required for a transformation in lifelong learning through micro-credentials.

Micro-credential courses will be instrumental in attaining national targets in lifelong learning and reaching the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan ambition to have at least 60% of all adults participating in training every year.

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