Assessing SME Trading Cashflow in the Covid Environment

Event Details

€95 for members and €115 for non members

Date and Time

Wed, 28 April 2021

09:30 - 12:00


Online Via Zoom

Event Details

€95 for members and €115 for non members

Date and Time

Wed, 28 April 2021

09:30 - 12:00


Online Via Zoom

Event details

This is a practical workshop on assessing SME cashflow ability to repay in the Covid environment.

It will provide good learnings for anyone involved in working with SME businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.  

There are many uncertainties about cashflow ability to repay, its role and its relationship with profit. We will take a practical, business focused look at SME business cashflow ability to repay.

In the workshop we will use a case study approach to ensure it is practical and applicable to current needs.  We will get you engaging productively and practically around issues.

Who would benefit from the workshop?

The workshop is designed for, but is not limited to:

  • Business Lending/SME relationship managers and their lending portfolio support staff

  • Business Credit underwriters

  • Credit Union lenders

  • APA Loans designates

  • QFA designates

  • Loan administration and credit policy officers

  • Accountants, lawyers and other professionals who provide Business/SME advisory services

  • Credit review staff who are responsible for ensuring that lending and credit delivery standards are complied with

  • Internal audit staff who assess whether the credit management standards are fit for purpose and are being complied with

  • Credit portfolio managers who are responsible for managing loan books, forecasting loan losses and estimating provisions

  • Marketing staff who design and promote credit products

  • Financial control staff with responsibility for budget setting, capital allocation, financial performance evaluation and financial/regulatory reporting.

Topics covered

In this online workshop we will overview the following:

  • Positioning cashflow in the credit decision

  • The profit story

  • Why is profit alone not a good enough measure of repayment ability

  • The role of the Cashflow Statement

  • The journey from profit to cash available for repayment

  • Three useful measures of cashflow repayment ability

  • Examining the repayment ability of a manufacturing business

  • Examining the repayment ability of a retail business

The event will be held over Zoom. Please ensure you have access to Zoom in advance of the event taking place. Zoom is available on all PCs, laptops, tablets and Apple or Android devices.

The registration for the event will close once we reach capacity or at 2pm the day before the event.

There are two hours available for this event for the areas:

  • MCC Consumer Credit

  • MCC Housing Loans

  • MCC Savings and Investment

  • MCI

  • LCOI

  • Professional Banker

Noel McArdle

Hands on work experience:

Experienced professional in financial services with over thirty years hands on experience in the following key areas:

  • Personal/Retail Lending

  • Business Lending

  • Management of distressed borrowings

  • Management of personal credit and business credit underwriting teams


  • Credit reviewer with the Credit Review Office. This is a government body to which SME customers can appeal bank lending declines and get an independent review plus assistance in seeking to overturn the decline decision

  • I have established my own small business

Lecturing experience

  • Thirty years business and personal lending lecturing experience, developing/delivering credit and lending programmes leading to UCD level 8 and 7 qualifications with IOB

  • Business credit risk assessment lecturer on Chartered Accountants Ireland FAE Financial Services elective

  • I deliver credit and lending courses for financial institutions including the main stream banks, credit unions and other financial institutions

  • One to one coaching for business and personal lenders

Professional Qualifications

  • B Comm (Hon's) UCD by night study

  • FCCA by night study

  • Fellow of IOB

  • QFA

  • Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland

  • Developing an Effective Working Relationship with Premium Small Business - from Durham University Business School

  • Senior Management Programme - Delivered by Harvard Business School

  • Coaching Course delivered by Simon Tyler and Sean Weafer

Noel McArdle