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IOB is committed to ensuring that you have the best possible learning experience with us. The following information and movies have been developed to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.


Welcome to IOB. This short video (three minutes) introduces you to studying with us and answers some questions that you might have.

Returning to study

Returning to study can be a daunting prospect. During this short, five minute video, Susan, a Programme Manager in IOB, describes her own return to study and gives some advice about how you might approach your own return.

My Institute guide

A summary overview of your My Institute platform.

Accessing manuals

This two minute video outlines how and when you will access manuals during your studies with us.

Learning plans

The learning plan is the roadmap to your studies. This two minute video outlines what you might find useful in your learning plan.

Lectures and workshops

If your module is supported by a lecture or workshop then this six minute video will be useful for you.

Sitting an exam

In the lead up to your exam, this five minute video will be invaluable to you in terms of what to expect about the logistics of your exam.

Student feedback

This section has six videos aimed to improve your study skills.  You will find helpful videos on time management, revision and tips for how to approach Multiple Choice Questions, MCQ and written exams.


Organising your study and time management

Study Skills


MCQ exam skills

Written exam skills

How should I prepare for a live webinar?

If accessing from a web browser, you should ensure the Adobe Connect Add-on is installed on your web browser. Students accessing the live webinar using an iPad or Android tablet device will need to download the Adobe Connect App.

10 minutes before the webinar starts you should login to My Institute, click on the appropriate module and select "live webinars" at the top of the screen - here you will be prompted to "attend" the webinar.

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Are live webinars recorded for future viewing?

This live webinar will be recorded and made available on My Institute a few days after it takes place. Your Program Manager will email once the link is available. Testing testing answer.

How can I adjust my pop-up settings for a better live webinar experience?

By default, many browsers have pop-up blocker turned on. IOB uses pop-up windows to deliver our supports. For you to access our services properly we need you to turn off pop-up blocker for our site. Please search online on how to turn off blockers for your particular browser.