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Collaborating with Chartered Accountants Ireland

4 June 2019

IOB has entered an agreement with Ireland’s leading accountancy body, Chartered Accountants Ireland, to offer a new financial services elective module to its final year students who are sitting their Final Admitting examination in the 2018/19 academic year.

The financial services elective was developed and delivered by IOB and is the first elective of its kind in any accountancy body globally. Almost one in five of all Irish Chartered Accountants already work in the financial services sector, so a tailored elective for student members is appealing for their students. The elective [1] will also serve the needs of an expanding financial services sector at home and overseas, where demand for newly qualified members with expertise in financial services is acute. It is now possible to become a Chartered Accountant without a training contract through the flexible route, which is specifically designed for people working in business.

IOB Chief Executive, Mary O’Dea said “We are delighted to work with Chartered Accountants Ireland in developing this new financial services elective for its final admitting examination. The content draws on our education expertise in the banking and the investment funds sectors. We believe that this module will equip students with relevant, specialist and practical knowledge and skills, whether they look to work in the financial services industry or within practice. We look forward to working with Chartered Accountants Ireland in the coming years.”