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IOB launches new Sustainability Strategy 2023-2026

IOB unveils new strategy to support financial services sector in transition to green economy

IOB has launched a new Sustainability Strategy 2023-2026. The strategy outlines IOB's commitment to growing ESG education offerings for members, prioritising ethics and culture and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. IOB has also committed to reducing its carbon footprint and engaging with stakeholders in a responsible and transparent way.

To coincide with the launch of the new strategy, IOB has released a Sustainable Finance Primer which acts as a useful reference guide for evolving key terms and concepts within the ESG field.

The Strategy outlines how IOB will make its handprint in the world by supporting its members to become the financial services professionals needed for tomorrow.

Making an impact

Commenting on the launch of the new strategy, IOB’s CEO Mary O’Dea says As an education partner for the financial services sector, we understand that our biggest impact comes from supporting our members to realise their potential and deliver financial services to the highest standards for customers, clients and society.

Our sustainability strategy has a double lens.  Firstly, it sets out our path to supporting IOB members with the education and skills required to drive progress to a more sustainable society (our handprint). Secondly, it outlines our commitments to amending our own processes to be more sustainable (our footprint).” 

The vision set out in the strategy requires engagement and support from all IOB’s key stakeholders. Mary O’Dea says “This strategy can only be realised with the support of the IOB team, our Council, associate faculty and – most importantly – our members. Together, we will work to build a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable financial services sector.”

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Download IOB's Sustainability Strategy:

Sustainability Strategy Cover

Download IOB Sustainability Strategy 2023-2026