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IOB 2030 - A Sustainable Future

An introduction from Mary O'Dea, IOB Chief Executive.

When we launched our last strategic plan five years ago, no one could have anticipated the transformative events that we have since experienced. From the pandemic to the ongoing war in Ukraine and global cost-of-living crisis, it has been a period of extraordinary change.

As we look forward it is impossible to know with any certainty what the future will hold. However, we can be sure that the pace of change will be unrelenting. Digital solutions and technological change in financial services continues to reshape many jobs with artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics providing both opportunities and new risks

A sustainable future

The rise of sustainable finance is a key focus for all sectors of the financial services industry – retail banking, funds and asset management, international banking and fintech – to support and accelerate the transition to a green economy. 

Against this background of relentless change, and at the heart of IOB 2030, is the overarching ambition of ensuring a sustainable future for our members, our staff, and our organisation whilst spearheading skills and talent development in the financial services industry across the island of Ireland.

It is our people who power the financial services industry in Ireland and beyond. Talent, qualifications, skills, proficiency and professional standards at all organisational levels are fundamental to the industry’s future success.

A blueprint for the future

IOB 2030 is a bold and ambitious plan. It consists of three strategic pillars focused on growing and deepening our domestic offering, further developing our international footprint and strengthening our organisation processes, capabilities and competencies.

One of our most exciting and innovative initiatives planned as part of this new strategy is the development of a world class Irish Financial Skills Framework. Working closely with the industry and our stakeholders, our vision is to create a Framework which is a dynamic, online tool that identifies the key current, emerging, and future technical skills and professional competencies needed by the financial services industry. We believe that the Framework can make a transformative impact on skills and talent development in financial services in Ireland. We look forward to collaborating with our many partners as we move ahead with this project. 

Thank you

A huge thanks to our corporate and our individual members, who set aside time in their busy schedules to commit to new learning and continuous development, ultimately leading to better societal outcomes.  Thanks also to our many industry stakeholder and partners whose collaboration supports our work. Our education model is built around our outstanding associate faculty and we are very grateful for their insights which are both academic and practical. We especially value our long relationship and close ties with UCD, Ireland’s largest university that spans more than 30 years. 

Our President and Council have been unwavering in their support and have given generously of their time, energy, experience and intellect as we developed this strategy.

Everyone in IOB is highly motivated to implement our new strategic plan and to support our members at this critical time for financial services.  As we do this, we commit to working in line with our values: learner and member focused; collaboration; accountability and integrity;  innovation; and, people and diversity and inclusion. My role as a Leader is made so enjoyable by the dedication, support, challenge and fun that are features of Team IOB.  Many thanks to all of you for your everyday commitment.

Together we can ensure an exciting and sustainable future.

Strategy Executive - Mary O’Dea

Mary O’Dea

Chief Executive

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