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Funds by IOB: Update on eCPD Material

Accredited Funds Professionals are required to complete 10 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually and IOB commits to providing a suite of eCPD material on topical and important issues relevant to the funds industry. At this time, some new material available on IOB Learn includes:

  • Tax Landscape for Funds: A webinar which provides an insight into the current tax regime applying at the level of the fund, the fund portfolio and the investors in the fund, delivered by Frazer Hanrahan (BNY Mellon) and Nicola Sheridan (PWC)

  • Organisational Effectiveness for Fund Management Companies: A recording of our event with panellists Eoin Motherway (The Asset Management Exchange) and Mark Fitzgerald (Independent Director), providing practical insights into how Directors for Organisational Effectiveness can approach the role.

  • Regulatory Insights Sessions: An interview with Grainne McEvoy, Director of Consumer Protection at the Central Bank of Ireland where Martina Kelly (Director of Funds) talks to Grainne about the Central Bank’s approach to thematic reviews, why this supervisory approach is used and recent CBI letters following thematic reviews of MiFID related requirements. The interview concludes with an indication of topics likely to be a focus for the Central Bank in 2021.

  • Legal and Regulatory Update: A podcast delivered by Giles Swan (ICI Global) providing an update on the most significant regulatory issues for funds from Global, European and Irish perspectives.

  • A comparison between key Fund Jurisdictions: A recorded webinar, also delivered by Giles Swan, which provides an overview of key jurisdictions and their approach to funds.

  • The MIFID II Product Governance Rules: In this podcast, Andrew Bates of Dillon Eustace follows up on his previous presentations on Fund Distribution, which are available on IOB Learn. This time he takes a deeper look at the MiFID II product governance rules and how they apply in a funds context. This is a timely piece given the current regulatory scrutiny over the MiFID II requirements.

  • Fund fees and costs: Evolving regulatory expectations and how to assess value: A recording of our recent event which focused on the important regulatory topic of fees and costs within funds. ESMA announced a common supervisory action (CSA) which will examine compliance with the costs-related provisions in the UCITS framework, including the obligation that UCITS do not charge investors with "undue costs". This follows the supervisory briefing by ESMA in 2020 relating to this topic, with the CSA also looking at compliance with the revenue related obligations set out in the ESMA Guidelines on ETFs and Other UCITS Issues. Costs of retail products is a strategic supervisory priority for EU regulators, while in the UK the FCA requires fund managers to publish an annual Assessment of Value. This event covered these issues in detail and provided guidance on both the regulatory expectations and the important areas of focus for fund management companies. We were delighted to be joined by Eoin FitzGerald from BBH, Nicholas Blake-Knox from Walkers, Sarah Gibb-Cohen from Vanguard and Kevin Mullen from the Central Bank of Ireland.

The funds team at IOB welcome your feedback on our programmes and events and indeed your suggestions for topics we should consider in the future.

If you have any feedback, queries or suggestions, please contact [email protected]