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IOB Sustainability Strategy

As we mark IOB’s 125th anniversary this year, we are at a pivotal moment for financial services globally as we work to mitigate the worsening climate crisis.

IOB’s Sustainability Strategy 2023- 2026 outlines our extensive commitments to support ESG, culture, diversity and inclusion within the financial services sector, as well as improving how we manage our own impacts.

The launch of the new strategy coincides with the release of a new Sustainable Finance Primer - a searchable glossary for all interested in finding out more about Sustainable Finance.

Watch the introductory video:

View IOB's Sustainability Strategy 2023-2026:

View IOB's portfolio of Environmental, Social and Governance programmes:

Short programmes:

Skills Certificate in Bank Governance and ESG Integration

NFQ Level 7:

Professional Certificate in Responsible and Sustainable Finance

NFQ Level 8:

Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals (Level 8)

NFQ Level 9:

Professional Diploma in ESG and Sustainable Finance Leadership in Financial Services

Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance Reporting and Disclosures

Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Transformational Leadership